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Airo Skincare

Airø Make Up Break Up Oil

Airø Make Up Break Up Oil

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Avoid scrubbing and tugging at your skin and let our Make Up Break Up Cleansing Oil melt off even the most catwalk ready makeup. Natural ingredients like grape seed and pumpkin oils softly buff away the day’s dirt and debris without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Wipe away mascara without stinging or clouding eyes then rinse clean for supple skin. No need for over-drying harsh cleansers or breakouts from comedogenic oils when you use this powerful yet gentle cleanser. May also be used as a pre cleanser.

Key Ingredients

Grape Seed Oil
Organic Sunflower Oil
Rice Bran Oil
Pumpkin Seed Oil
Avocado Oil
How To Use
Apply small amount with fingertips to moistened skin. Use circular motions to remove make up, dirt and debris. Follow with appropriate Airø cleanser. 
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